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5 Essential Steps To Take if You Want to Buy a Home This Year

real estate agent leaning on front door of home
Photography by Katya Vilchyk

Buying a house is a significant milestone and a major financial decision that requires careful planning and consideration. If you're gearing up to purchase a home this year, it's crucial to start the process with a well-thought-out strategy. In this blog post, I’ll outline 5 essential steps to take if you want to buy a home this year.

Assess Your Finances:

The first and most crucial step in preparing to buy a house is to assess your financial situation. Take a close look at your income, expenses, and existing debts. Determine how much you can comfortably afford to spend on a home without compromising your financial stability. Assess what funds you can use as a down payment for your purchase and start aggressively saving what you can to build it up further. Consider consulting with a financial advisor to get a clearer picture of your financial standing and to explore mortgage pre-approval options.

Check Your Credit Score:

Your credit score plays a significant role in determining the interest rates you'll qualify for on a mortgage. Obtain a copy of your credit report and check your score. If your score is less than ideal, work on improving it by paying off outstanding debts, making payments on time, and avoiding new credit inquiries. A higher credit score can potentially save you thousands of dollars over the life of your mortgage.

Real estate agent talking to client
Photography by Katya Vilchyk

Determine Your Priorities:

Now that you’ve started getting your finances in order, decide what you’re looking for in a new home. Split these priorities into two categories “must-haves”, also known as deal breakers, and “nice-to-haves” or features you’d like to have but aren’t necessarily mandatory. Try to be flexible, especially if you know your budget will be limited. Some features can be added later (like a renovated kitchen or hardwood floors), while other, more permanent features, like location or lot size, can’t be changed. So, try to prioritize things you can’t change about a house later if possible.

Research the Housing Market:

Get familiar with the housing market in the area where you plan to buy. Keep an eye on real estate trends, property values, and the overall health of the market. Understanding the current state of the market will empower you to make informed decisions about when and where to buy. Attend open houses, research neighborhoods, and assess what your budget can get you in different areas. It’s not uncommon to have to revise your priority list, but it’s good to have realistic expectations of exactly what your budget will get you before you get too far into the house-hunting process.

Interview Real Estate Agents:

To get all the benefits of using a real estate agent, you’ll want to choose one sooner than you’d think. It’s best to interview multiple agents to make sure the person you choose is a good fit for you (you’ll be spending a lot of time together after all) AND knows your target area well. Ask friends and family members for recommendations but be sure to do your due diligence to make sure the agent they recommend is right for you. Not sure what questions to ask? Check out some recommendations here.

real estate agent typing on computer
Photography by Katya Vilchyk

Buying a house is a significant undertaking, but with careful planning and preparation, you can navigate the process successfully. Make sure you tackle these 5 steps if you want to buy a home this year. By assessing your finances, checking your credit score, determining your priorities, researching the housing market, and getting pre-approved for a mortgage, you'll position yourself for a smoother and more successful home-buying journey in the coming year. Remember, patience and diligence are key as you embark on this exciting and rewarding journey toward homeownership.



My name is Lindsay Walston.

I'm a healthcare provider turned real estate agent with an eye for luxurious details. Let me show you how to create (or find!) a beautiful and functional home, no matter your budget.  Want to learn more?

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