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Don't Make These 5 Mistakes When Selling Your Home

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If you’re like most people, when you decide to put your home on the market, you’re looking to get the most possible money for it. However, there are a few mistakes that can really cost you not just money, but also time and added frustration. As a real estate agent, my goal is to help guide you through the process as smoothly as possible so that you can sell your home for the highest possible price with the least possible frustration. So, let me bring your attention to the most common mistakes I see people make when selling their houses. If you can avoid these 5 mistakes when selling your home, you’re almost guaranteed to have a much better experience, get to the closing table with your sanity intact, and maybe even a record sale to brag about to your neighbors.

  • Overpricing your home – Everyone (understandably) wants to sell their home for the most money possible. Aspirational pricing or overpricing your home may seem like a good strategy, but will actually cause your home to sell for less in the long run. That’s because the record sales occurring in the current real estate market rely on one thing to drive up prices- buyer competition. Overpricing your home reduces the number of buyers willing to even step foot through the door. Without the competition, there is zero incentive for buyers to write competitive offers. You’re more likely to endure a prolonged time on the market, price reductions, and low-ball offers – all of which impact your bottom line.

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  • Skipping the prep work – The market where absolutely everything is selling is a thing of the past. Because money is more expensive, buyers are less tolerant of properties in need of work, repair, or even something as simple as a deep clean. To get top dollar for your home preparation is essential. While you probably don’t need to undergo a full-scale renovation, basic steps like cleaning, decluttering, paint, staging, and repairs can go a long way to maximizing your sale price.

  • Neglecting Your Home’s Online Presence – Did you know that 99% of home buyers used the internet to search for their home last year? So, since the odds are that your future buyer is going to find your home online, it’s critical to maximize its digital footprint. Professional photos are a bare minimum requirement and a complete non-negotiable for your property. However, providing an elevated online experience for your potential buyers can increase the traffic to your home, driving buyer competition, and ultimately, your sales price. Features like virtual tours, 3D immersive tours, video, digital floorplans, targeted ads, and property websites allow buyers to see and get to know your property. Plus, these features also have the added benefit of causing your listing to be prioritized on just about every home search website. The added exposure is critical to getting the highest possible price for your home.

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  • Falling for the oldest trick in the book – The agent who agrees with whatever price you suggest, no matter how high, OR promising you can sell your home for significantly more than any objective data supports is not doing you any favors. They’re just trying to win your listing and it’s the oldest trick in the real estate agent book. I know it may be tempting to just work with the agent who promises you the most money but without any data to support that price, you’re signing yourself up for an extended time on the market, price reductions, and a ton of added frustration.

  • Focusing only on lowering upfront costs - Choosing an agent solely because they’re willing to give the biggest discount can mean sacrificing resources and tools that will help your home sell for the most money. So, ask what you’ll be giving up in exchange for paying less. It could be things that will cost you more in the long run, like staging services, marketing materials, professional photography, negotiation strategy, and so much more. Plus, it’s with considering how well someone who is quick to cut their own pay will negotiate on your behalf when the time comes. The best agents know their worth. It sounds counterintuitive, but focusing solely on paying less up front could actually result in a lower net. That’s because missing out on important resources and strategy can cause your home to sell for less than it might otherwise, eating into your profits.

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If you can avoid these five common mistakes, you’re in for a much smoother home sale. Thinking about selling but not sure where to start? Even if you’re not in the Atlanta area would love to help point you in the right direction so that you can get off to a great start. Send me a message at or give me a call at 678-612-8264. I'd love to hear from you.

If you’ve sold your home recently, what advice would you give someone else who is thinking about selling? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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